Guide Alex

Is very comunicative and active.

"Hello! My name is Alex. I am 28. As a licensed tour-guide I am authorized to guide the tours in all the Saint-Petersburg museums. It has been my full-time job for eight years. For six years I have been working part-time for the American adoption agency as a translator and a tour-guide. I am very proud to be the member of the team that help children to find the loving and nurturing families. I believe that it is a very important mission.

I am an experienced driver. Currently I own my black 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer. I like it very much. It is the fast and really comfortable vehicle. I am really excited about combining tour-guiding and driving. It gives me an incomparable sense of freedom. I am a big fan of Saint-Petersburg and I am ready to share my passion to the city with everyone who comes here.

I graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Culture and Languages University. When I was in the High school I studied the art for a few years. As a teenager I planned to be an artist. Then I realized where I really belong and I have become what I am now. And I have no regrets. My current job is fabulous. Thanks to my job I enjoy the art and the history that I value so much and I can meet so many people from all around the world. Besides I can practice English which has grown to be the same important for me as Russian.


I am open to new experiences. My friends state that I am a sociable, friendly and intelligent person. In my leisure time I enjoy parties with my friends and night clubs. I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading and cooking. I believe that I am easy to deal with. So you can come and check it out! Come to Saint-Petersburg and we will have much fun together!"

Client's opinion:

" Alexandra was terrific. Thank You. We feel very fortunate to have had the use of her services particularly on such short notice. We would highly recommend her to anyone"

Gene & Mary Buccellato"