Treasure galleries in the Hermitage museum: Gold and Diamond rooms.

Our dear guests! Happy to meet you here! Today I am here to tell you about one of the most famous and absolutely gorgeous Treasury galleries in Russia! I mean the one in the Hermitage museum, St. Petersburg. The Hermitage Treasury gallery actually can be divided into two parts: Gold and Diamond rooms! The Gold room represents a great collection of the ancient Scythian gold, Greek Gold, Indian, Iranian jewelry, some really unique pieces of Oriental weaponry, mainly ceremonial weaponry.

  • The Diamond room is even a more breathtaking museum. It shows you other finest examples of Scythian and Greek gold, along with gorgeous art pieces of the highest value like the Western –European, Russian and Byzantine church utensils like icons, pieces of communion service, Gospel books which once used to belong to the members of the Romanov family and to their priests.

And still the Diamond room is more famous for the fantastic private collection of jewelry which belonged to the Romanovs and was either commissioned by them or given to them as diplomatic gifts…It is an absolutely fascinating collection of snuff-boxes, watches, pendants, pins, mirrors, earrings, rings, bracelets, medallions…And all the pieces are totally decorated with precious stones: diamonds…emeralds, rubies, garnets, sapphires, and …did I forget anything ?oh, yes, sure,  diamonds…You know diamonds used to be not just gils’ best friends! The men at the court would also wear and use pendants, watches, etc,  and, indeed, they would have impressed you with their opulence and exclusivity…  

  • The collection is really overwhelming and breathtaking…
  •  I can go on for hours enumerating all the types of jewelry they used to possess.
  • You already know that all Russian Tzars and Emperors used to live in luxury and wealth.
  •  And no doubt that collecting art was always the privilege of the wealthiest people.
  • Now, let me tell you how to GET THERE…
  • It is a very good question and it is, in fact, not that easy to do.

  Well, to begin with, if one needs the tickets to the Gold or Diamond room one has to know that you can’t walk there like in the rest of the museum. You should be a part of a group and, the group will be guided by the local Hermitage guide. There is a timetable according to which they let groups in. The cost of the ticket to each room is about 10 USD and one can get it there on spot inside the Hermitage museum in the ticket office.There is no guarantee that that will be any tickets left by the time you arrive.  

  • But if you want to be on your own, and you definitely do not want to lose the chance to see the gorgeous collection there is an option.

 To have a tour of your own (still with the local guide indeed but only with members of your group) they will ask for the FULL price –for a price for a group.  It costs 150 USD. (I take the present day exchange rate – 34.3 rubles per USD)The price is only for either Gold or Diamond room for your group. The tour lasts about 1 hour.Apart from the Gold (or Treasury room) tickets one needs to get the general entrance ticket to the Hermitage. The rest- the guiding services in the Hermitage etc (general excursion) is extra.  

  • For further questions, please never hesitate to ask me!
  •  Maria.
  •  Your private guide in St. Petersburg, Russia.