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Pavlovsk palace

  • Coming to St. Petersburg soon? Already planned your itinerary or still need some advice?

Apart from the “Classical sights” like the Hermitage, Catherine palace, Peterhof etc there are some sights not occupied by the herds of tourists even in the middle of high season. Pavlovsk palace is one of them.   

Museums and most famous memorials to the Siege of Leningrad

Hey, everyone! 

  • This year we celebrate 70-year anniversary since the end of the Great Patriotic War and the victory over Hitler’s Germany.
  • The celebrations took place in most of Russia cities and in my native city- St. Petersburg, indeed.


Show-museum of the Grand model of Russia! See how vast and large Russia is!


  • Hey, again!

 This time i would like tot tell You about Grand model of Russia! 

  • If you have already visited most of popular sights of St. Petersburg, but you still have time in the city I would recommend you to see the Grand Maket Rossiya – Grand model of Russia.

The museum was opened in 2012 and has already become one of the most popular among locals: both adults and kids.

Treasure galleries in the Hermitage museum: Gold and Diamond rooms.

Our dear guests! Happy to meet you here! Today I am here to tell you about one of the most famous and absolutely gorgeous Treasury galleries in Russia! I mean the one in the Hermitage museum, St. Petersburg. 

Fabergé Eggs back in Saint-Petersburg

My dear guests, it is me, Mary, with some latest cultural news about St.Petersburg. This time i really want to tell you about an absolutely unique St.Petersburg museum appeared some months ago and dedicated to the art of an outstanding Russian jeweler - Carl Fabergé. 

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