Tour of the Russian Orthodox Church

Duration - 5 hours

Cost of the tour by private car: 

for a group of 1-3 people - 150 Euro


Cost of the city tour by Mini Van:

For a group of 4-5 people - 220 Euro

For a group of 5-10 people - 250 Euro

Cost includes the transportation by a comfortable air conditioned car for the group up to 4 people or Mini Van for the group of 4-10 people

Description of the tour:

There are many beautiful Orthodox Churches  in Saint-Peterburg . The most famous were turned into museums. To enter them you need to pay the museum fees. You will see such Churches and Cathedrals during our city tour.

But for those who want to see the real Churches, where people come to prey, I offer this religious tour. 

 During the tour we will visit the most beautiful functioning Churches of Saint-Petersburg, such as the Cathedral of our Lady of Cazan,   Trinity Cathedral,  Nikolsky Cathedral and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

You will be able to watch the divine service, to listen to the beautiful choir and to light a candle for the health of your intimates.

You will not be allowed to take pictures inside the churches, but don't forget your cameras to take the exterior of the Cathedrals. Women have to cover their heads, so you should bring some headscarf.

Entrance to the Churches is free. 





Pictures by A.Petrosyan