Saint-Petersburg Transport

You will find public transport of any kind in Saint-Petersburg. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains. Our underground is huge, consists of four lines within the city limits. It began its operation in 1955, that's why it is the second oldest metro system in Russia after Moscow,  and one of the most beautiful in the world. The metro stations remind splendid palaces.

Our public  transport is very convenient in use, but unfortunately only for locals. The reason is that only Metro has some plates with the names of the stations in English.  You will never see a word in English in the other kinds of public transport.

 In project there is creating of a river public transport. Still only excursion boats operate along our numerous rivers and canals. The only exception is the hydrofoil to the summer residence of the tsars- Peterhof.

On the whole Saint-Petersburg is the center of the local road and railway system. It has a seaport  which is located in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea and few river ports. It is the terminus of the Volga-Baltic Waterway which links the Baltic with the Black Sea.

The city has five major railway stations serving various directions: Baltiysky Rail Terminal, Vitebsky Rail Terminal, Ladozhsky Rail Terminal, Moskovsky Rail Terminal and Finlyandsky Rail Terminal. Saint Petersburg has regular railway connections to Helsinki, Finland via Vyborg (on the Russian side) and Kouvola and Lahti (on the Finnish side). Two beautiful, old-fashioned trains - the Repin and the Tolstoi - as well as the more modern Sibelius operate exclusively on this route.

The city is served by Pulkovo Airport, which carries both domestic and international flights. By the way, the building of the Domestic terminal is much bigger than the International one.  How do you think, why?

In the period of the Soviet Republic people were not allowed to travel abroad, and foreign tourist were seldom received here. That is the reason.