Pushkin and Peterhof tour

Pushkin and Peterhof in one day.

This tour is provided by Maria

Duration: 8 hours
Cost of the tour: 

  • 1-3 adults - 230 Euro
  • 4-8 Adults - 320 Euro
  • 8-13 Adults -360 Euro

Rates include hotel pick up and drop off, services of your guide.
Entrance tickets are extra

This tour is for those who have limited time for touring.
During the tour you will see the two most famous and beautiful Residences of the Russian Royal family: the town of Pushkin and the town of Peterhof. You will visit Catherine’s palace, Catherine’s park and then drive to the capital of Fountains – Peterhof – another residence of the Romanov family, located on the coast of the gulf of Finland.
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The town of Pushkin has become so famous for the gorgeous Catherine’s palace, the former summer residence of the Romanov family. Founded for the wife of Peter the Great, Catherine the I, it used to be the main residence of the royal family. It has become very-well known not only for this reason, but also because of one of the most beautiful and mysterious rooms – the Amber room.
Peterhof is a small town located 24 miles to the South-West from St. Petersburg. It was meant by Peter the Great to become one of the greatest summer residences of the Romanov family. Gradually it became the so-called “capital of Fountains”, as the Lower and the Upper Gardens of Peterhof are richly decorated with more than 150 fountains. There are many beautiful buildings on the territory of the Lower Garden of Peterhof!
There are many nice restaurants there – you can enjoy Russian cuisine on the grounds of the most gorgeous garden in Europe!