Private guide in Saint-Petersburg

Hello, dear travelers! My name is Stasy, I’m free-lance English speaking guide with licenses for all museums in St.Petersburg and its suburbs. 

About myself:

I began to work as guide when I was a student of the University of Culture and Arts in 2003, where I learned English and Spanish languages. I guided some foreign friends and groups of student’s for free, they recommended me to their friends. That is how my first clients appeared.

I realized, that this job if perfect for me, as I love my city and communicating with people.  

I decided to study the subject deeper and went to English-speaking guide’s courses.  I have passed the exams in our museums and got licenses of all the important ones.

In summer 2005 I started to search for a job as a licenced guide. First I worked in a big travel company. Few month was enough to understand, that job was not for me. I don’t like to tell the same stories over and over again, to be always in a hurry to follow the schedule.

I decided to become a private guide and placed my advertisement on travel websites. When the first group of 2 Dutchmen came, I was happy. That was what I really wanted. In personal talks I got to know my clients, I knew what they wanted, I could show places, that were interesting for them particularly and tell stories which were fascinating exactly for these people.

They left my city very satisfied. Thus I became a private guide.

In 2006 I created my own website which you are reading at the moment.

 Besides my work I love traveling. My first independent trip happened when I was 18 years old. I came to visit my friends in Spain and we made the car trip to Germany via France, Luxemburg, Belgium. I fell in love with Western Europe. I have traveled to many places in Europe, to South-East Asia, to Africa.

I live in Thailand during winter times when it is a low tourist season in Saint-Petersburg.  When I'm in Thailand I still check my e-mail several times a day and organise tours with the help of my guides who work in Saint-Petersburg.

Every time I enjoy returning home in Spring. Saint-Petersburg is very unique city and I’m proud to be it's citizen.



guide in Saint-Petersburg

Me in Hong-Kong, 2008