Shore excursions


Package tours of St. Petersburg. Shore excursions.

Dear cruise passengers, this page is definitely for You!

We would like to offer you best ways of exploring St. Petersburg with a local!

To begin with, you will NOT need any visa if you are traveling by a cruise ship and decide to stop in St. Petersburg and visit the city.

Which means you do not need to fill in piles of documents to get a visa to Russia and will skip all bureaucracy-related issues.

 The Russian laws allow cruise passengers to visit Saint Petersburg (within the 72-hour period) without getting any visa but with the local authorized guide!

 So, if you  plan to hire a guide anyway it is a great chance to see the city, enjoy the company of one of lovely Russian guides and learn a lot about another country without any troubles with visas!

Please have a look at the shore excursions we are pleased to offer to you below!*

*The tours can be changed according to your personal requirements! We are very flexible, your wish is our priority and we will have as much of correspondence with you discussing your own private tour as you may need to make the best tour to our knowledge and ability!

2-day tours: (with the 3rd day option )

Day I The city tour of St Petersburg

9.00 – Pick-up from the ship terminal

Start the city tour with the guide

Places to see: the largest island of the city where the port is located –Basil’s island, the birthplace of the city –St. Peter and Paul fortress and the cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (inside visit), famous Palace square, the Hermitage museum with the former residence of the Romanov family-the Winter palace, the Church of the Savior on Spilled blood with the inside visit, the Nevsky prospect, stop by the cathedral of St. Isaac’s etc

In the afternoon visit the Hermitage museum- about 2 hours

18.00 – come back to the port

Lunch in the middle if needed

Prices for Day I: 28.000 rubles for two people.

It includes: car, driving, guiding, all tickets to the museum mentioned


 Evening boat trip(private boat or public boat)  with visit to the colonnade of St. Isaac’s cathedral: view of the city from the top of St. Isaac’s cathedral. Mind that there is no lift in the cathedral. It requires climbing -262 steps!

                  Ballet (depends on the day of the arrival)

                  Folk show “Feel yourself Russian”(it runs almost every evening in the summer)

Russian traditional dancing and singing with some vodka in the intermission

Day II

8.30 Meet the guide

 Start the tour and drive to the town of Pushkin to see one of the summer palaces of the Romanov family-Catherine’s palace with the famous Amber room.

Visit both the palace and the park.

On the way to the town of Pushkin  you will continue the city tour and you will see the residential areas of the city with the famous Stalin apartment blocks, stop at the monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad during the Siege of Leningrad in the days of the WWII

12.30- after the Pushkin town drive to the town of Peterhof.

Enjoy the fabulous fountains of the Lower Garden of Peterhof.

15.30- drive back to the city

On the way back see the metro of St. Petersburg – another fascinating place!

17.00 Return to the ship

Lunch in the middle if needed

Price for Day II: 28 000 rubles for a group of two people 

It includes car, driving, guiding and all tickets mentioned

 If you have a group of more than two people please ask us and we will tell you the price ASAP!

We will calculate it according to amount of people, age, the transport you prefer etc!


Day III (For the cruise passenger who have 3 days in St. Pete)

10.00 Start the tour with the guide

Visit the former residence of the Yusupov family, a gorgeous palace of the Russian wealthiest noble family, a mysterious place where Rasputin was murdered!

Have a boat trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg*

Spend free time in the city walking along the beloved street of all the citizens – Nevsky prospect!

*there can be options: either to have a private boat with just you and your guide or to have a tour buying tickets for a public boat (so there will be other people there, mainly Russians and the guide will speak Russia in a microphone, BUT you will be accompanied with your own guide)


The price for the Day III with the private boat is 28.000 rubles, with a public boat ride 24 000 rubles for the two people

It includes car, driving, guiding, boat (or tickets to the public boat) and all tickets to museums mentioned

If you have a group of more than two people please ask us and we will tell you the price ASAP!

We will calculate it according to amount of people, age, the transport you prefer etc!

Please never hesitate to ask us!

And do not forget to check the exchange rate!)