Hourly payment

You may read through the list of the most popular private tours and choose the ones which you like.

If you don't know which tours to choose  - just send me e-mail. I'll offer the excursion plan for you.

If you:

  1. don't want to be on standard tours, want something special
  2. or just want to enjoy spending time with local showing you around
  3. or want to be on tour longer or shorter of standard time,
  4. or  it is just easier for you

You may pay me hourly

For my guiding services I regard:

  • 17 Euro (20 $US) per hour for a group of 1-2 adults .
  • 20 Euro (23 $US) per hour for a group of 3-4 adults
  • 25 Euro (27 $US) per hour for a group of 5-10 adults

The price is quoted for the whole group, not per person.

Children up to 12 years old go free.

I can't service you so carefully and pay enough attention to each of you if your group is bigger then 10 people. That is why 10 people is my maximum.

Private car with a driver  for 1-3 people will cost you 12 Euro (16 $US) per hour.>For the most of the tours you need transportation. 

For a group of 4-5 adults I may offer an air conditioned Mini Van Mercedes at the price of 15 Euro  (20 $US) per hour.

A Mini Van for 6-8 passengers will cost 20 Euro  (27 $US) per hour.