My guides

I have created the team of experienced guides who help me to provide you with all kinds of tours in Saint-Petersburg.

Guide Anastasia is one of the best St. Petersburg guides.

Her words: "I love it, I just love it.

And I'll be so happy to show you what I love - city of Saint-Petersburg, the Hermitage museum, suburbs, palaces, canals, bridges...

I will definitely never survive in an office.

I hate dull staff that's why my stories are never same. You won't believe, but there is something new, something different every time! I'm always surprised myself actually. An excursion for me is not just one more working day - I perfectly understand that this is the only day in Peterhoff or Hermitage for you. So every day is special...

Guide Alex - is very comunicative and active.

"Hello! My name is Alex. I am 28. As a licensed tour-guide I am authorized to guide the tours in all the Saint-Petersburg museums. It has been my full-time job for eight years. For six years I have been working part-time for the American adoption agency as a translator and a tour-guide. I am very proud to be the member of the team that help children to find the loving and nurturing families. I believe that it is a very important mission.

I am an experienced driver. Currently I own my black 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer. I like it very much. It is the fast and really comfortable vehicle. I am really excited about combining tour-guiding and driving. It gives me an incomparable sense of freedom. I am a big fan of Saint-Petersburg and I am ready to share my passion to the city with everyone who comes here...

Guide Peter is highly recommended by all my clients and his feedbacks are very positive.

He speaks fluent English, his knowledge in history and culture of Russia and the city are on a high level. He is responsible, easy going, and just the person you are comfortable to be with.

Here is Peter's profile: "Good day everybody! My name is Peter and I am an English-speaking licensed guide with a private car. I am 26 years old and I’ve been guiding for 6 years already. I like my job very much because I am fond of meeting people from all over the world and it is a great honor to be a guide in such a beautiful city. I’ve graduated from the state University of Foreign Affairs department, Scandinavian region. So I speak English and Swedish. And though I am in the 4-th generation of locals, I still look like my ancestors that were coming from Germany. And thanks to my family I learned a lot about the city, since my mother likes history and museums in general, and my grandfather was always telling me about Great Patriotic War and especially about The Siege of Leningrad as he was in the city at that time...

Guide Catherine is very experienced guide and to my opinion she is a workaholic.

She enjoys her work so much that she will spend her day off, showing the city to the travellers rather than meet with her friends. Such love for job and experience make her perfect guide!

"Hello! My name is Katya. I’m 25 years old and Im working as an English-speaking guide in St. Petersburg. This is my full time job and I really enjoy it! I’m in tourism for 5 years and did a lot of studying: I’ve graduated from the State University of Economy and Finance (first major) and parallel to that I did my second major in history and arts: Course in history of arts in the State Hermitage museum; Course in history of Saint-Petersburg in The State Museum of History (Peter and Paul fortress); Courses of Guides and Interpreters in St.Petersburg (Intourist travel company, 2003) with licenses. Besides, I’m working as a tour-leader for 3 years by now – showing the best of Russia (St.Pete, Moskow, Pskov, Vladimir)...

Guide Olesya is very friendly guide with perfect English.

About myself

My name is Olesya and I have been working as an independent guide since 2006 with both individuals and groups. I first worked with cruise ships and am now employed with top 5* hotels of the city - Corinthia, Radisson, Golden Garden, W Hotel, Renaissance and others. I always adapt the tour to the expectations of my clients and try to give them the "perfect" tour to my ability and knowledge. I have been born and raised in Saint Petersburg, so I know the city very well -both its historical past and its modern life.

Guide Olga is very knowledgeable in arts and history.

About myself

My name is Olga, Olya for short. I am a professional licensed guide. I speak English and Swedish. I was born and grew up in Saint-Petersburg and since childhood I love my city. However my interest in its history came later. I am interested in history of Saint-Petersburg, history of Jewish Saint-Petersburg, Russian literature, history of Russian art, history of Russian icon painting, history of European art, Modern art.

Guide Maria is very appreciated by all our clients.

“When Maria tells a story, it’s not just from a script. It’s from the experience and knowledge only a true citizen can offer”.

My name is Maria and I have been working as a guide since 2006 with both individuals and groups. I started working with cruise ships, employed with the leading tour agencies of St. Petersburg and now I also work as an independent guide.

I was born in St. Petersburg and I grew up in this city. And, being a local guide I can offer you different tours –from classical tours such as to the Hermitage or Catherine’s palace –to metro tours, modern art museum tours, local life experience tours, etc.

Guide Vera

Hello, everybody!

I'm happy to be your guide and be sure – we'll have the best time possible together!

I'm keen on my job because I'm crazy about Saint Petersburg and everything that concerns with its culture and history. Not only me but also my parents and grandparents were born and grew up in St. Petersburg so you can taste and enjoy the company of real ‘native’ person.