Guide Catherine

Is very experienced guide and to my opinion she is a workaholic.

She enjoys her work so much that she will spend her day off, showing the city to the travellers rather than meet with her friends. Such love for job and experience make her perfect guide!

"Hello! My name is Katya. I’m 25 years old and Im working as an English-speaking guide in St. Petersburg. This is my full time job and I really enjoy it! I’m in tourism for 5 years and did a lot of studying: I’ve graduated from the State University of Economy and Finance (first major) and parallel to that I did my second major in history and arts: Course in history of arts in the State Hermitage museum; Course in history of Saint-Petersburg in The State Museum of History (Peter and Paul fortress); Courses of Guides and Interpreters in St.Petersburg (Intourist travel company, 2003) with licenses. Besides, I’m working as a tour-leader for 3 years by now – showing the best of Russia (St.Pete, Moskow, Pskov, Vladimir).

I am friendly, open, energetic, intelligent, honest and fun loving. I love to travel, to meet people, to read, music is a friend of mine J, photography and to discover all time something new. I’ve been to France, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Finland, Estonia and I have friends from all over the world.

I love my city so much that I want the entire world to come and to share our culture, history and magnificent surroundings as well as the heart and soul of the city I live in! As your tour guide I will try to make your trip an unforgettable experience and your visit will be one of the best memories of your life."