Fabergé Eggs back in Saint-Petersburg

My dear guests, it is me, Mary, with some latest cultural news about St.Petersburg. This time i really want to tell you about an absolutely unique St.Petersburg museum appeared some months ago and dedicated to the art of an outstanding Russian jeweler - Carl Fabergé. 

  • Almost everyone coming to Russia - St.Petersburg or Moscow- really wants to see the art of a prominent and fantastic Russian jeweler. And, visiting Saint-Petersburg everyone is surprised to learn that the city does not possess any of famous Faberge Easter Eggs. The collection of Fabergé eggs is represented in Moscow Armory workshop of the Kremlin. As for the northern capital of Russia, Fabergé jewelry is represented only in the Treasury Gallery in the Hermitage museum –BUT still it does not include the famous Easter eggs!!!
  • Now those days are gone, my dear friends…)

 On the 19th of November the first museum of Fabergé was opened in Saint- Petersburg. It occupies the building of the former Shuvalov palace (Fontanka embankment, 21). At first it was only for private visits, indeed.  But now it is open to everyone.  

  • The collection displayed there belongs to the Link of the Times Foundation established by the Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg. He had been collecting amazing works by Fabergé for about 10 years. His splendid Fabergé collection represents over 200 gorgeous artworks which used to belong to the Forbes family including 9 Imperial Easter Eggs once bought by Vekselberg from the family of Forbes for over 100 million USD. The dream of Vekselberg has always been to bring back to Russia the jewels sold by Bolsheviks in the period of 1920s-1930s.

 Totally the collection of the museum numbers over 4000 pieces of jewelry and apart from famous’s Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs it includes jewelry made by his followers; a great collection his enamels; Russian silver and golden utensils; snuff-boxes; gorgeous Russian icons and what not!!!                                                                                                                     

  • Admission to the museum

From May it will be open daily from 10 till 19.00 accept for Friday . They accept only groups and run tours every half an hour. Now that it has quite recently been opened they mainly have Russian speaking guides. From May there will be 2 tours in English a day. I will put down all the info concerning the time as soon as I learn it. 

  • RULES of the museum

 NO photography is allowed in the exhibition rooms. MIND that they accept children aged over 12 years old only.

  • If you want to have a private tour of your own

I have just finished studying there myself so I can guide in the Fabergé museum, however, as they only let groups inside (so you can’t walk there on your own) they ask a group of any size ( but up to 15 people) for a “group ticket”. As it is going to be about 400 USD (It is just the entrance tickets not including the guiding service) So, even though the group consists of 3 persons they should pay the full cost if they want to go there and have a private tour of their own.This offer might be interesting for the groups of larger size - if you are one of them ( or if not as well) do not hesitate to ask me - i will arrange the private tour for You.  

  • For any information you are always welcome to ask me. 


  • Maria( Mary)
  • Private guide of Saint Petersburg.