The tour to Catherine’s palace(Pushkin)

Duration - 5 hours. 

Cost of the tour by private car:

 for a group of 1-3 people - 150 Euro

Cost of the tour by Mini Van


for a group of 4-5 people - 220 Euro

For a group of 6-10 people- 250 Euro


The cost of the tour includes: the transportation by a comfortable air conditioned car for the group up to 4 people or Mini Van for the group of 5-10 people, services of me as your guide, hotel pick up and drop off.

The cost of the tour doesn't includes: the Catherine palace and park fee, which is 580 RUB per person = 14,5 Euro 

Description of my tour:

During the tour we will see a lot of beautiful rooms in the palace but the most impressive one is the Amber room. Rastrelli designed the room for Elizabeth. Numerous descriptions of the Amber room in memories refer to it as “The eighth wonder of the world”, “The amber poem” and “the marvel of the reign of Elizabeth” During the war with the Nazis the amber room was stolen and never found. Recently it had been revived. After the tour around the palace if the weather is good it is very nice to have a stroll in the park.

The park of the Catherine’s palace is one of the most beautiful in suburbs of St. Petersburg and loved by locals. It is very calming and enjoyable to walk there or to have a cup of coffee in the open air café by the lake. After the crowds in Saint-Petersburg you will enjoy such a relaxing trip to the Catherine’s palace and park.

Few words about the Catherine's palace:

Catherine palace is one of the most spectacular former residences of Russian Emperors. It is the earliest architectural ensembles created in the suburbs of St. Petersburg which dates from the early 18th century. It will us just 45 minutes to reach Tsar’s Village by car from the city centre. It lies some 15 miles down south from St.Petersburg on a very picturesque site, in a town called Pushkin (former Tsarskoe Selo , which means Tsar’s Village )

As the history goes the lands were presented by Peter the Great to his wife Catherine I. She ordered to build a two-storey palace there. It was called Catherine’s. When their daughter Elizabeth came to the throne, she did not like the small size of the palace. The best Russian architects such as Kvasov and Chevakinsky worked hard to satisfy the Empress… but in vain. Even Catherine II, while she was still the wife of the heir to the throne, wrote in her diary: “Today they knock down what they built yesterday”

Finally the palace was reconstructed by Rastrelli in 1752-1756. The three storey building was painted in blue and white with the stucco moldings and giants in gold. 100 kilos of gold was used for the decoration of the palace. 


In my opinion the palace is the most beautiful in Russia.

It became world famous for the Amber room. Which was first designed for the Prussian king Friederich I in early XVIIIth century. Then the amber panеls were presented to our Emperor Peter I by the son of Friederich - Friederich Wilhelm I.

The magnificent amber room was created in the Catherine's palace by Rastrelli for Peter's daughter Elizabeth I in the mid of the XIX century.

It was so impressive, that contemporaries called it "the Eighth Wonder of the World", "the Amber Poem" and "the Marvel of the Reign of Elizabeth"

During the World War II the Nazi removed the room as a whole. The amber panels were packed in boxes, put on a train and sent off to Koenigsberg. What happened next is a mystery. The amber was never found.

Now days you have a chance to see this world famous room which has been recently revived.